Meet Our Intern: Celebrating Talent and Growth at BVI

Our interns are the heartbeat of our daily endeavors at Business Valuations Inc. Their passion and dedication add to our team and elevate it with unique skills, infectious enthusiasm, and fresh viewpoints. Today, we’re thrilled to shine a light on one such outstanding intern, Hannah Goldfield.

Meet Hannah Goldfield

Hannah Goldfield is a rising Junior at the University of Richmond studying health studies and business administration with concentrations in management consulting and business analytics.

A Day in the Life

As an intern, Hannah supports the valuation team by undertaking in-depth research and financial assessments. Her meticulous attention to detail enables her to sift through financial documents and market figures, ensuring precise valuations. Moreover, her exceptional analytical prowess supports the team in creating detailed reports that facilitate our clients’ decision-making.

Growing with BVI

In her role, Hannah quickly recognized the authentic warmth and collaborative spirit that infused every project. The emphasis on open dialogue isn’t just for seasoned professionals; even interns feel encouraged to share insights. This dedication to innovation and inclusivity spurs professional growth and guarantees that every voice, regardless of tenure, is valued and heard.

Internship Highlights

Hannah’s favorite aspect of working at BVI is the exposure to real-world valuation scenarios. Observing how theoretical concepts from her academic pursuits are applied practically in the finance industry intrigues her.

Taking the Leap

This internship sets Hannah on a path toward a career in business administration. With practical experience in the valuation field, she’s gaining vital skills for her professional journey. Hannah looks forward to exploring the consulting world, leveraging her acquired analytical expertise.

A Piece of Advice

To those considering an internship, Hannah’s advice is to seize every chance to learn and actively pursue new challenges. She encourages asking questions and tapping into the wisdom of seasoned colleagues while immersing oneself in the company’s variety of experiences. Cultivating a robust network and sustaining a positive outlook, she believes, are keys to a fulfilling internship journey.

At BVI, we’re proud of Hannah and all our interns who work diligently to learn and grow daily. Their unwavering dedication exemplifies our commitment to fostering youthful talent.