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Rapid Process Improvement

What is rapid process improvement?

Every company is a collection of processes that contribute to the delivery of a product or service to their customers—either efficiently, inefficiently, or somewhere in between. BVI’s Rapid Process Improvement (also known as “Value Stream Analysis” or “VSA”) is a lean management tool that provides a methodical approach for you and your team to quickly identify, map, and improve the processes in your organization. In other words, we can help you figure out how to do what you do more effectively and efficiently so that you can save or make more money.

How does it work?

A properly facilitated and executed analysis will identify the root cause of problems and obstacles and create a workable plan to fix them. Most importantly, the program guarantees that the implemented changes improve the delivery of value to the customer creating a stronger organization and bottom line.

Rapid improvement plan

The end product of a VSA program is a Rapid Improvement Plan designed to address the identified opportunities, typically within 30 days. Participants develop the plan, which includes actionable events with due dates and assigned responsibilities. The solution is a team effort because you and your employees participate in the program together. The outcome benefits the whole organization, creating “buy-in” from the participants and motivating them to implement the change.


Organizations at risk for, or undergoing, bankruptcy, financial restructuring and workouts, asset recovery, or reorganization can benefit from the breadth and depth of experience that BVI provides.

The primary purpose of Rapid Process Improvement is to generate dramatic returns quickly. Programs conducted by BVI for organizations of varying sizes, and industries, provided the following results:

  • additional throughput increasing revenue by $5 million per year
  • order lead times reduced from over 50 days to two
  • on-time delivery improvements from 72% to 100%
  • penalties and late fees reduced by over $300,000 annually

The investment to achieve results like these is typically limited to the time of the program participants and the cost of the BVI facilitator.

Who can benefit?

Organizations of any size from any industry can benefit from Rapid Process Improvement. We have delivered successful programs for companies in a wide variety of industries, including health care, professional services (accounting, marketing, etc.), engineering and design, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and construction, as well as to nonprofit organizations.