We are excited to introduce our summer interns at Business Valuation, Inc., and our sister company, Heritage Capital Group. This program provides invaluable experience, immersing our interns in real-world financial analysis and business valuation projects. Throughout their time with us, they will gain hands-on experience, working closely with seasoned professionals eager to share their knowledge and expertise.

Mentoring the next generation of financial professionals is a core commitment. Our dedication to fostering growth and development is evident in our comprehensive internship program, designed to equip interns with the skills and insights necessary to excel in the finance industry. By engaging in practical, impactful work, our interns contribute to our ongoing projects and prepare themselves for successful, fulfilling careers.

We take pride in creating an environment that values education, collaboration, and professional development. Our interns’ journey with us is more than just a learning opportunity; it is a stepping stone toward a promising future in finance.

This year’s talented group of interns:

Serxhi Hyska
Serxhi recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Florida. At UNF, he actively contributed to the Osprey Financial Group, a student-managed investment fund responsible for managing a portion of the university’s endowment. Serxhi also engaged with the Finance & Investment Society and volunteered to teach graduate and undergraduate classes on utilizing Bloomberg Terminals to research and analyze publicly traded securities. Currently, he is collaborating with a UNF professor on a research paper on this topic. In his free time, Serxhi enjoys training in mixed martial arts, learning about finance, and spending time with friends and family.

Aidan Smythe
Aidan, a senior at the University of Florida, is excelling academically, pursuing dual bachelor’s degrees in Finance and Economics. With a keen intellect and drive for success, he plans to pursue a law degree after graduation. Outside the classroom, Aidan enjoys tarpon fishing, which requires patience and skill. He is also a dedicated Gators fan, always cheering on his team with unwavering school spirit. Aidan’s combination of academic rigor and extracurricular enthusiasm showcases his well-rounded character and commitment to his goals, promising a bright future in both the legal and financial fields.

Logan Allen
Logan is a senior at the University of Georgia and is making her mark in the world of finance. Majoring in finance, she has a keen interest in financial and monetary policy, which led her to an impressive internship in Washington, D.C., with Congressman Rutherford of Florida’s fifth district. Beyond her academic pursuits, Logan is actively involved on campus, participating in the Terry College of Business Women in Finance and serving on UGA’s Panhellenic Council. Logan enjoys practicing yoga, baking delicious treats, and cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs football team when she’s not busy with her studies.

David Igolnikov
David is a dedicated student at Florida State University, set to graduate in the spring of 2025 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. His keen intellect and strong drive for success have enabled him to excel academically, preparing him for a promising career in finance. Beyond his studies, David’s passion for competitive soccer showcases his well-rounded character and unwavering commitment to his goals. His blend of academic rigor and enthusiasm positions him as a future leader in the financial field.

Shawn Tahir
Shawn is a University of North Florida senior majoring in Finance. He has shown leadership as a UNF ambassador and gained management experience as a grocery team leader at Publix Supermarkets. Passionate about sports, Shawn enjoys following football and collegiate wrestling in his free time. He plans to pursue an MBA at UNF in the near future, aiming to advance his career in finance.

Cort McCarthy (Not pictured)
Cort is a rising junior at the University of Florida, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He contributes to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Game Statistics and Information Team, providing real-time statistical data during games. His love for sports complements Cort’s passion for finance. He enjoys playing golf and is an avid Gators supporter. His dedication to academics and extracurricular activities demonstrates his strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. Looking ahead, Cort plans to leverage his finance education and experience in sports analytics to build a successful career. His blend of academic knowledge and practical skills positions him as a promising professional with a bright future.